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“The web application gReception has been developed gradually as we and our partners use for our professional and non-profit activities. So it is not only the product that we sell but a tool that we use every day. This is why the gReception is so optimally structured and continually improved.”Pavel Hozák, the CEO

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  • Simona Dandová„The CADV organizes multiple educational events for dermatovenerologists during the year. The participants register via the gReception online registration forms. Thanks to the linking of the membership database with the registration forms, we can simply offer discounts to our members.“

    Simona Dandová, CADV
    Eva Ponocná„ČLS JEP serves 165 medical professional associations with about 30 elections every year. A transition to an electronic voting system was therefore a priority. Thanks to the on-line gReception Voting system we have managed to implement all successfully.“

    Eva Ponocná, Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně
  • Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD„Thanks to the functionality and smooth operation of the gReception, the election was attended by considerably higher numbers of voters than in the past. Based on this, we recommended to implement the online election principle for all other medical professional associations in the Slovak Medical Association as well.“

    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD
    Ing. Irena Krumlová„We decided to go with the new trends, and the elections of the committee were done through the electronic voting. The online elections via gReception Voting went smoothly and we were satisfied.“

    Ing. Irena Krumlová, CSBMB
  • Daniela Kamarádová„We use gRception AS for the needs of professional societies, for which we provide association management. gReception greatly improved and made more effective the life of our clients.“

    Daniela Kamarádová, GUARANT International spol. s r.o.
    MUDr. Ilija Christo Ivanov„We used the registration form for guests of our inauguration opening of Orthoprague surgery, and we were completely satisfied.“

    MUDr. Ilija Christo Ivanov, Orthoprague s.r.o.
  • Simona Hrbková„We transferred the membership database of a large association to gReception AS in 2014. We required many non-standard modifications but the gReception team was always ready to find a solution. We are therefore very satisfied.“

    Simona Hrbková, ESPA Association manager
    Monika Najmanová„STOP z.s. organizes several seminars, workshops and excursions every year. Participants register conveniently on-line, and gReception monitors the upper limit. Eventually, replacements are quickly processed and so no vacancy remains.“

    Monika Najmanová, STOP z.s.
  • PhDr.Martina Pfeiferová„We were satisfied with how easily the on-line elections were held. The voters appreciated the clarity and speed, and the electoral committee valued the high security.“

    PhDr.Martina Pfeiferová
    Petr Krabička„My clients use the gReception system and for me as accountant, it is great to have all orders, payments and confirmations in one place.“

    Petr Krabička, Účetní společnost EVERMORE s.r.o.
  • Klára Léonard„Creating registration forms was completely new to me. The operator at GS&A, explained all to me and prepared the registrations exactly to our needs. We will for sure get back to them with our future actions.“

    Klára Léonard, Eventová agentura Dream PRO, s.r.o.
    Ing. Jana Nebesářová„Initially, we used gReception registration for our microscopic courses. As it was so useful, we already keep our membership database there as well. We are very satisfied with the customer support for all our tasks.“

    Ing. Jana Nebesářová, ČSMS
  • Prof. Jana Hercogova, M.D., Ph.D.„Thanks to the rapid expansion of our Academy, the transition to a professional system was inevitable. At the gReception AS, I appreciate a comprehensive approach available to the database administrator, but also to the individual members.“

    Prof. Jana Hercogova, M.D., Ph.D., CADV
    Vendula Šťavíková„gReception AS simplified the administration of membership agenda. Working in the application is simple and very intuitive. It really saves me a lot of time.“

    Vendula Šťavíková, CSBMB
  • Pavel Fára„​I have used gReception repeatedly for registration of my relatives and friends for larger family rejoicing. It was simply great, we managed well without a lot of phone calls, and everybody liked the easy registration forms with all information in.“

    Pavel Fára
    Lenka Pišlová„Implementation of gReception AS made collection of membership fees much more efficient. We have today practically no long-term debtors, and can produce invoices and communicate with our members. Everything is quicker and easier.“

    Lenka Pišlová, hospodářka ČSMS
  • Eva Ponocná„With the gReception Voting, we offer 165 organizational units of the ČLS JEP a comfort system for running elections of their boards in an easy, safe and effective way. We value also the significant savings and facilitating the work of election committees.“

    Eva Ponocná, Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně
    Markéta Morská„The gReception has become a vital on-line tool for us because it ensures the 24/7 update of our membership database and enables a straightforward collection of membership fees. Moreover, our members have a direct secure access to the Society’s documents.“

    Markéta Morská, The Society for Histochemistry
  • Daniela Kamarádová„gReception is an excellent tool helping us to organize large international conferences, especially when collecting and evaluating contributions from the participants, and producing an abstract book.“

    Daniela Kamarádová, GUARANT International spol. s r.o.
    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD„Based on our experience, we consider the electronic voting system gReception Voting as the best option for any kind of voting or elections. In the Slovak Urological Society, we plan to use the convenient and safe gReception system again in the future.“

    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD
  • Karel Janoušek„I use this very useful, well-arranged and easy to use online tool regularly for making interactive forms for various activities, celebrations, and leisure actions.“

    Karel Janoušek