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Fig. 1: Administration interface
Fig. 2: List of projects
Fig. 3: List of forms
Fig. 4: Form settings
Fig. 5: Table of registrated participants

General functionality of gReception

  • no need to install any software - fig. 1
  • completely on-line, works on PCs, tablets or mobile phones
  • saves your time and money
  • suitable for both professional and occasional organizers of any kind of events
  • management of users, easy setting and overview of users‘ rights
  • bulk messaging to selected users
  • easily accessible on-line help, dependent on the user’s rights
  • run on highly secured servers


gReception structure

  • gReception consists of multiple functional modules which can be selected by the customer
  • the modules can work independently or communicating one with another
  • gReception is organized in „projects“ (for example, given conference - fig. 2), the project consists of various forms (for example, participant registration form, abstract collection, accommodation form, etc. - fig. 3)
  • available general modules: Projects, Forms, Evaluation of competitions, Users, Membership database, Payments, Log of e-mails, List of users
  • additional modules for conference organizers: Evaluation of abstracts, Evaluation of manuscripts, Program builder, Room assigner, Conference proceedings, Personalized program and abstract book.
  • Forms
    • any structure or format of forms or questionnaires of the event
    • easy visual interface for creating the forms - fig. 4
    • forms can contained logically interconnected fields (for example, some fields visible only when  given option in a different filed selected, obligatory fields, etc.)
    • forms in any language
    • number of forms belonging to a concrete project
    • limitation of number of participants
    • setting of outgoing automatic messages by the user
    • convenient and transparent assignment of users’ rights when accessing the forms (for example, administrator, observer,…)
    • generation of a web link to the given form – easy to paste on any webpage
    • fast statistics on users accessing the forms including a graphic output
    • online access to the forms, lists of available forms for each user, forms can be changed up to a given date
    • collection, automatic control and evaluation of documents from event participants
    • possibility to add note to each of the users
    • effortless data export to Excel
    • data on registered participants can be filtered and  searched according to any of the form fields - fig. 5
    • and many additional functions
  • Payments
    • safe collection of payments from the participants in a real time using various payment channels
    • automatic registration of payments, visualization of overpayments and underpayments
    • multicurrency payments
    • connected to on-line payment gate using payment cards or PayPal system


Specific for conferences/congresses

  • online collection, evaluation and formatting of abstracts (including pictures) from conference participants
  • online collection and evaluation of manuscripts
  • automated production of conference proceedings
  • online production of personalized program and abstract book for each conference participant
  • special competition forms allowing for evaluation of the contributions
  • scheduler of conference sessions
  • assigner of lecture rooms based on the program schedule


Specific for membership databases

  • suitable for both professional or amateur societies/clubs
  • maintenance of actual database across various membership timeslots
  • online membership forms
  • safe collection of membership fees, automatic payment reminders
  • user-defined forms for any activities of the society/club
  • simple and secure online voting management
  • bulk emailing with fully formatted messages and attachments


Any missing functions?

Have you identified any missing functionality in the gReception? Please, contact us, gReception system is very flexible and we can quickly add new modules which would suit your needs completely.